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How to Take Minutes at Board Meetings

There are many things to think about when taking minutes at board meeting. It’s an activity that requires someone who is able to think ahead, listen attentively and produce a highly detailed summary of the meeting.

Meeting minutes are crucial documents for companies that reflect the decisions taken by the board. Therefore, they should be precise and reflect all discussions that occurred during the meeting. It’s a good idea examine the agenda ahead of time so that you know what information you need to capture during the meeting. This will prevent important details from being missed during the meeting. A third party could also be helpful in reading the minutes. This will ensure that the person who is taking the minutes is not biased and has an objective view of the minutes’ contents.

In addition to the main elements of the meeting it’s important to include the actions taken during the meeting, as well as who is accountable for each action item. These details will allow board members to refer to the minutes of the meeting in future.

A final note on the presence of a majority be included. A quorum is defined as the presence of at least two-thirds of the board members.

It is also important to take note of any documents that have been distributed during the meeting or any presentations that took place. In the minutes it is a good idea to include the time and date of the meeting.


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