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Reddit Review of Total War: Warhammer 2

Reddit report on Total War: Warhammer a couple of

The total war series is normally one of my favorite strategy games, and the sequel to this game was pretty remarkable. It brings the entire Warhammer whole world to a fresh setting while keeping a strong central that admirers will love.

Many factions have already been added to the overall game plus they all have their own personalities which makes all of them feel unlike one another. This is a great thing because it will help the storyline and marketing campaign to be more interesting.

Some of these competitions are more powerful than the earlier ones and this gives them a sense of importance. However , these factions have a whole lot of disadvantages which makes them more vulnerable to be exploited by AI.

We have a new plan mechanic named vortex lets you race your units up against the AI of course, if you succeed you receive a benefit to your military. This is a great thought, but it is also very difficult to apply.

If you have a micro intense product then you can “gift” it on your opponent for the duration of the showdown so they can control it as you focus on soldires. This is a really interesting feature and makes the fights much more interesting.

The challenges in this video game are a great deal shorter than they should be because you can only take half of the army for the field when. This is also a major problem with siege battles as they are extremely short and you have only a eye-port of time to regulate your military services while the AJE cheeses about capture points.


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